5XZC-7.5DS Seed Cleaner & Grader

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Seed cleaner & grader becomes basic and most favourite cleaning machine in seed and grain industrial of global market, with high efficiency, excellent performance, wide application

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Seed cleaner & grader is used for cleaning and grading seeds, grains, cereals, and other granule products.
It can be equipped to suit a variety of special jobs and purposes.
The 5XZC-7.5DS double air seed cleaner is mainly designed to remove 100% light impurity like bran shell, dust , leaves  twigs straw of GRAIN dust , large and small foreign objects .The capacity of this seed cleaner is 7.5 mt per hour for GRAIN seed .Not only it is suitable for seed processing company ,it is also suitable for private farmer to process and clean GRAIN .teff seed cleaning machine.
All the dust and light impurity can be removed by aspirator fan. Grain seeds falls on sieve layers and was separated by sieves according to width and thickness difference. All the big and samll impurities were discharged from different outlets.

Working principle sketch:

Working flow
Grain fall into grain inlet box after air sieving, and then under the vibration the grain jumping and flow to the multi-layer sieving trunk, following the grains well-proportioned enter to the upper layer sieve via the rubber curtain. Selected grains will fall into the next lower sieving panel after sieving, chaff and debris blocked by sieves and transfer to the outlet of large impurity. The selected grains will fall into the lower layers sieving panels, and will be graded into different levels of the different grain sizes by sieving in different sieving layers, that caused by the layers sieving panels have different mash size. Selected grains flow to the outlets of good grain, fill into bag hung on the bag holder. Cap of outlets can be used when shift bagging that means the cap can be close when you change the bag. It is the whole work flow for the separator.
Use different sieve to different process of different type of grains. The observing windows on the sieving trunk are for checking operation.

multi-angle display
Aspiration Chamber(Wind Sieve)
Removing dust, straws, hey, husk and other light weight impurity out of the grain.

Handle and knobs adjusting the gap of channel (wide at top and narrow at bottom) to obtain optimum aspiration separating result. Removal of all the light weight impurity while fine seed falling down.

Dust removal system
Dust cyclone separator is a professional method of removing particulates from an air, gas or liquid stream, without the use of filters.
Rotational effects and gravity are used to separate mixtures of solids and fluids.
Air lock discharge the impurity from dust cyclone separator and keep air pressure of aspiration system

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Seed separating flow
Grain lifted up by bucket elevator and fall into grain scattering box, where grain flow scatter evenly, in case of the grain gather at one side. After that grain fall into sieving trunk and light impurity was removed by aspiration simultaneously.

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Scattered grain feed into sieving trunk for separating. In this part, grain / seed was graded by galvanize sheet with different holes in each layer. Big size and small size impurity discarded in different outlets respectively. Final cleaned seed come out from main outlet.

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Double air cleaning system
Double air suction pipe, increasing the cleaning efficiency,
Suck more light impurity and dust, will make the grains more

Star shape Handle
Fixed the sieves, the sieves can
be easily changed

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It’s very convenient to pull the sieves out. Client can change the sieve easily when cleaning other grain or seed.
The sieves inside are made of durable galvanized steel sheet. We will equip suitable sieves hole according to client’s raw material.
In order to choose perfect sieves, the seed sample (raw material contains impurities) or seed measuring photo are needed after clients placed order. Note that one set sieves are equipped as standard supply, only used for one species seed.
Note: Stainless steel sieve is available.

Bucket elevator
Used to transfer materials (grains). Available in both fixed and movable version to adapt different working environment.
It has compact structure, user friendly interface, easy to maintain, energy saving, easy to clean, efficiently avoid mixture.


Power control cabinet
It has the feature of easily operating, only need to
connect the power. The wire is 100% copper,
it guarantees the high quality and long using life.

We have installed the tractive load frame and wheel, so you can work it in village.

Dimension (L×W×H) 3920*2430*3440mm
Dimension of sieves 1250*2400mm
Capacity (count by wheat) 7.5t/h
Weight 1.77 ton
Motor Power
Air Blower
Vibration Motors
Elevator Motor
Air Lock
Total Power 9.9kw

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