• Everything You Have to Know About the Gravity Separator

    We all know that the higher the weight of the seed, the more its germination rate, vigor and yield. Therefore, the gravity separator plays a prominent role in grading seeds by weight in the seed processing industry. So how much do you know about gravity separators? What is the Gravity Separator?...
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  • Pay attention to these things before using the grain cleaning machine

    Grain screening machine is a necessary mechanical equipment in modern agricultural production, and it is often used for screening, grading and impurity removal of wheat, corn and various seeds. As a Seed Cleaner and Grader Manufacturer, share with you. Next, let’s talk about several matters...
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  • What is the Working Process of the Grain Cleaning Machine?

    As a Seed Cleaner and Grader Manufacturer, share with you. The grain cleaning machine is used to remove leaves, chaff, dust, and deflated grains from the grain. Its organic impurity removal rate reaches 90% and inorganic impurity removal rate reaches 92%. It has the advantages of beautiful appear...
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