5BY-13P -2 5BY-13P batch type seed treater 1 5BY-13P batch type seed treater 2



Batch Type Seed Coating Machine

Structural Features


1. The seed feeding method is weighing type, each batch can be adjusted arbitrarily between 10-100KG.


2. The coating liquid supply is fully digitally adjusted peristaltic pump and load cell dual control modes. So liquid medicine is accurately and evenly transferred to mixing tank, ensures coating agent and seeds ratio can be accurately adjusted within 1: 260.


3. The atomizing system drives the spinning plate rotates at a high speed by motor, so that coating liquid that reaches mixing chamber is evenly atomized and then sprayed onto the seeds` surface to further ensure the uniformity mixing of the coating liquid and seeds.


4. Powder feeding device, which can coat and pill the seeds with coating powder.


5. The machine has touch screen and PLC control system to make operation control fully automatic.


6. In addition, the machine can be equipped with a heating device to improve the coating quality and drying speed of seeds in low temperature environment.


Post time: Aug-18-2022