5XQS-5 Destoner for maize coffee bean paddy rice sesame chia seed

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Destoner is used to remove the heavy density impurity (stones, sand, soil blocks) from raw material.

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Model 5XQS-5
Capacity 5000 kg/hour (count by wheat)
Vibration motor              1.5Kw
Air fan motor 5.5Kw
Dimension (L*W*H) 2500×1560x1600 mm
Weight 700 kg

Destoner is used to remove the heavy density impurity (stones, sand, soil blocks) from raw material.
It is widely applied in all type grain seeds which are harvested from ground. Such as beans, wheat, corn, millet, ground nut, paddy etc.
5XQS series Destoner is air blowing type and having a big sieve bed. So it is a universal Destoner fits for all grain seeds processing. It is also easy to operate. Above advantages making it being a popular model in the world.

Working principle:
5XQS-5 Destoner is used to separate granular products where the particles are approximately the same size, but differs in weight. Via air blowing power and material mechanical movement, it efficiently removes a small amount of heavy material from a larger quantity of light material. It can separate impurity like sand, stone, metallic and glass pieces from the grains. With the combination of fluidization and deck oscillation, heavy particles migrate to upper level, while light particles move to lower level of the deck.


Destoner performance: 

lkjhl (2)
Destoner removes stones from splitted soy beans effectively

lkjhl (1)
There is an obvious boundary between millets and sand.


finger millet

Destoner details:

Vibration body inclination angle is adjusted to 7.5 ° when leave factory.
When you process different material, you many need to adjust the angle to find the best cleaning effect.
Following is steps: loosen the locking bolt, turn the supporting plate. Pay attention to both sides of the adjustment must be accordant. Otherwise it will affect the results or even damage the machine.

Power control box
There is an inverter in the power control box. The invert can adjust motor speed and reduce starting current. When Destoner requires low vibration frequency, please adjust the invert to turn down the motor rotation speed. Please refer to the inverter instructions. Not frequently turn on or off the transducer to avoid damage equipment.

Air volume adjusting
There are three air blowers in 5XQS-5 Destoner. Air volume adjusting handle connects the air blower directly. The air volume can be adjusted according to actual requirement. To check whether the air volume is appropriate, you should see the raw material distribution on sieve bed. If the air volume is suitable, the raw material should show a suspension on sieve bed. Generally, when suspending, the flow thickness is 30 ~ 40 mm for beans and 40 to 50 mm for white rice.

Destoner detail
Sieve bed is 156 cm in width for 5XQS-5 Destoner

Destoner sieve bed has 3 openings on the high end as stones outlet and 1 big opening on low end as grain outlet.
Destoner sieve bed is made of hard wooden frame with stainless steel sieve layers. There are crosswise bars on bottom tray to carry the sieve layers.
Sieves (It is made of one layer stainless steel mesh and one layer stainless steel screen)

Top sieve layer is wave mesh customized for the processing grain.
Bottom round hole screen layer is used for air evenly distributed.

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